Boyd Family Tree
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Welcome to my Boyd family tree!

"It is a revered thing
To see an ancient
Castle not in decay,
But how much more it is
To behold an ancient family
Which has stood against the waves
And weathers of time"
- Francis Bacon

  Welcome to my Boyd Genealogy website! I have been researching my Boyd family for several years now and have come across alot of information that I thought may be helpful- not only to my Boyd line but to other Boyds' as well. 
  On these pages you will find a brief history of all Boyds, my Boyd line, as well as historical information on castles in Scotland and Ireland that the Boyds occupied.  I also will be releasing a book with information contained on my website- as well as; ships passenger lists, census records, maps, books reference lists, etc. in the near future.  This book will be much more detailed than the website and will be a great research tool for any Boyd in their genealogy search.
  Please do not email me unless you have made a direct connection to my Boyd Line, or for other specified information as indicated on the following pages. I simply cannot handle queries outside the line. 
I have added a chatroom for this purpose, so that all Boyds may exchange information.
Thank you & Good Luck in your search!

Antique picture of a large family; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Some websites that I've come across over the past couple of years during my research are listed below. Some were very helpful to me- others may be more helpful to you.

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