Boyd Family Tree
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Other Boyd Castles

Other Boyd Castles Coming Soon; Brodick Castle, Bedlay Castle, Old Slains Castle, Trabboch Castle, Picton Castle, Edinburgh, Glencairn, Badenheath Tower, Drumcal, Traquair House, and Trochrig House.


Law Castle
Law Castle was built in 1468 for Princess Mary,
daughter of James II, upon her marriage to Thomas
Master of Boyd, and later Earl of Arran.
It stands on a hill overlooking West Kilbride.


Penkill Castle
It is outside Girvan and was constructed around 1490. 
The tower was constructed by Adam Boyd, the grandson
of Lord Kilmarnock.  Penkill received its first addition by
Thomas Boyd, the great great grandson of Adam Boyd.
In 1857 Spencer Boyd rebuilt Penkill. 
 The castle was last in the Boyd family when it was
sold in the 1960's.


Portencross Castle
  Portencross Castle was given to Robert Boyd by King Bruce for his loyalty along with more
prominent properties in Strathclyde.  Portencross was in the Boyd family from about 1385 to 1785, over four hundred years of Boyd occupancy.
 It stands near West Kilbride.  This castle is not only known for the Boyd's, but it was also host to many Royalty, and was the traditional place of departure from the mainland for the funeral boats carrying the Kings of Scotland to their burial places on the Holy Island of Iona.