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Boyd Reference Books

Below you will find a list of books that contain information on the Boyds,
you may just find the information you are looking for in one of these historical books. 
If you have a title to add to the list please email me. Thanks

This list of books below is specifically for those researching their Boyd Genealogy.  These books contain family trees, ships passenger lists, land records, military records, etc.

1).  Boyd, Arthur Sumner, 1897- "The Boyd Family",  New York, L.E. Dorothy, 1924. 46p. illus. (coat of arms) 24cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1924
2).  Boyd, Willis M., Editor. - "Boyd Family Journal", Devoted Mainly to Southern Boyd & Allied Families, Tribune Publishing Company., 1925-36. Vol.s I-IV.  22cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1925.
3).  Boyd, Frank Ewell, b 1891 "The Boyds of Boyds Tank", (n.p.1970) 107 p. illus., coat of arms, facisms., ports. 24 cm. LC Call Number: CS71. B79 1970
4).  Perry, Max, 1919- "The Descendants of Robert Boyd and the Charles Boyd Families of Chester County, South Carolina" / Midland, TX. (2000 Harvard St., Midland, TX 79701) : M. Perry, c 1987. 116 leaves: ill.; 28cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1987
5).  Compton, Justin Siclair, 1903- "Genealogical Data Concerning the Compton, McClellan, Boyd, Probasco families." (n.p.) c.1963. 121 p. ill. 34 cm. LC Call Number: CS9.C66
6).  Boyd, Frederick Tilghman, 1913- "History of the Boyd Clan and Related Families." Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Printed by Regal Press, 1962. 106 p. illus., ports., facsims., geneal. tables. 23 cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1962
7).  Boyd, Montague Laffitte, 1882- "The Broyles, Laffitte, and Boyd Relatives and Ancestors of Montague Laffitte Boyd, Jr., M.D." (Atlanta) Mrs. E.S. Trosdal (1959) 60, 30 p. 29cm CL Call Numbe: CS71.B8844 1959
8).  Burns, Annie (Walker), 1894- "Boyd Military Records and Notes." Washingotn, L.H. Walker (1960?) 441.. 28 cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1960
9).  Boyd, Scott Lee, 1882- " The Boyd Family including the Allied Families of Bell", Santa Barbara, Calif., 1935. 330 p. fromt (coat of arms) plates, ports. 27cm. LC Call Number; CS71.B79 1935
10.)  Earhart, Lida Belle. 1864- " Earhatm Boyd and Allied Families, a Genealogical Study with Biographical Notes",  New York, The American historical Society, inc, 1935. 260 p. ports., col. coats of arms. 31 cm. LC Call Number: CS71.E125 1935
11).  Boyd, Cora Anne (Dunham), Mrs., 1860-  "the American Ancestors and Descendants of Willard William and Cora Dunham Boyd 1620-1928", St.Louis, MO., 1928. p. cm. LC Call Number: CS71.B79 1928
12).  "Boyd(Ancestry of Sir Robert Boyd, Lord of Kilmarnock)" (n.p., 1890?) p/ 27cm LC Call Number: CS479. B68 1904
13).  "Pedgree of the House of Boyd".  (n.p., 1904) 1 p.l., 29p. illus (coat of arms) double geneal. tab. 27 cm. LC Call Number: CS479.B68 1904.
14).  Thurburn, Felix Augustus Victor.  "The Thurburns." London, Printed by R.K. Burt, 1864. 40p. front., fold. geneal. tables, facsim. 23 cm. LC Call Number: Microfilm 67965 CS
15).  Boyd, William Philip, 1849- "History of the Boyd Family and Descendants", Rochester, N.Y., John P. Smith Printing Company, 1912. 4 p.l., vi, 507 p. incl. illus., plates, ports, front. 23 cm LC Call Number CS71.B79 1912
16).  Inglis, John LAexander 1873- " The Monros of Auchinbowie and Cognate Families", Edinburgh, Privately Printed bt T. and A. Constable, 1911. viii p., 21., 219, (1) p. illus, plates, ports. 26 cm. LC Call Number CS479.M81 191
17).  "Origin and History of the Name Boyd with Biographies of All the Most Noted Persons of that Name," Chicago, Ill., American publishers' association (1905) 5 p.l., iv, (33) -122,(14) p., 1 1. illus., pl. 22cm LC Call number: CS71.B79 1905
18).  Clarke, Seymour Spencer Somerset, 1866- "The Boyds of Penkill and Trochig, Edinburg and London", W. Blackwood and sons, 1909. ix p., 21., 51, (1) p. incl. genal. tables. front., port. 26 cm LC Call Number CS479 B68
19).  Boyd, WIlliam Philip, 1849-"The History of the Boys family, and Descendants, with a hitorical chapter of the 'Ancient family of Boyds,' in Scotland, and a complete record of their descendants in Kent, New Windsor and Middletown, N.Y., Northcumberland Co., PA., and Boston, Mass., from 1740 to 1884." Conesus, N.Y., Boyd's job printing establishment, 1884, 1p.l., 4-318 p. front., plates, ports.  22cm. LC Call Number microfilm 13944CS
20).  Martindale, Elijah, 1793-1874. "Autobiography and Sermons of Elder Elijah martindale", Indianapolis, Carlon & Hollenbeck, 1892. vii, 173 p. front, port. 20 cm. LC Call Number BX7343.M3 A3
21).  Boyd, William R. "The descendants and Ancestors of James Boyd and Nancy Weir"/ Columbus, GA. Quill pUblications, c1991 vi, 449p. ill. ; 22 cm. LC Call Number CS71.B79 1991
22).  Robertson Cameron, Florence, b. 1879. "Annals of the House and the Family of Boyud, Earls of kilmarnock and Lairds of Penkill Castle and Trochrague, A.D. 1153-A.D. 1963" , together with recollections and impressions (Scotland? :sn), 1963 (Edinburgh: Duplicated by McNEil & Cadzow)iii,152 p.: ill. (som col); 27cm LC Call Number: CS479. B68 1963
23.)  Dobrez, Patricia.  "The Art of the Boyds: Generations of Artistic Achievement"/ Sydney: Bay Books, (1990) 232p.: ill. (some col.); 33cm. LC Call Number: N7405.B69 D64 1990
24).  Boyd, M.J. "Clan Boyd(of Scotland)"/(Canberra, A.C.T., Australia): M.J. Boyd, (1989) 1 v. (various foliations); 30cm. LC Call Number: CS479.B68 1989
25).  Boyd, Arthur S. (Arthur Sumner), 1897- "The Boyd Family" (microfilm)/ New York: L.E. Dorothy, 1924. 46p., (1) folded leaf plates: ill., coat of arms, map; 24cm. LC Call Number: Microfilm 88/5105 (C) <MicRR>

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We will be adding more books soon!

I do not personally have all the above mentioned books,
but have come across them in my research.  The above
list is simply for your reference so you know what is out there. 
 I simply cannot do queries so please do not contact me unless
you have a book to add to the list.
B.A. Boyd