Boyd Family Tree
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Researching Your Own Family History

Researching family history is fun and rewarding!!
Be sure to check out our great tips for getting started at the bottom of this page.
To start searching your family online contact the following
websites for more information on how to get started.

For those of you researching your Scotch/Irish Ancestry you're in luck!
There are many great sites out there where you can get
started and find more information on your anscetors.
Check out these sites!
You will find exciting family history and current events.
You may even find a distant relative. GoodLuck!

Whether your of Scotch/Irish Ancestry or other the
following links will get you started researching
your family tree.

Start with These Great Research Tips

The best place to start is at home.
First you should gather all documents, certificates, etc.
Contact all living relatives for copies of additional information you may not have, birth & death certificates, marriage licenses, awards, newspaper clippings, family albums, letters, etc..
Ask relatives to make voice recordings of stories, information they remember, dates and places they've lived,
and use this for reference.
Check out the below link for more information on researching your genealogy.

Click me to find out more information on how to research your genealogy.